Why your website is costing you a ton of money and constantly losing you sales (and here’s what you can do to get it fixed FAST)

I have two predictions I’m gonna make right now. And if I’m right about either of them, then I strongly suggest you read right to the end of this page and then take action at the end.



First… unless you’ve been living in a cave for a the last ten years or more I’d put money on the fact you’ve got a website.

Secondly… it’s hardly making you a bean (that said, the chances are you don’t know if it’s making money or not – it’s more likely than not you’re not even measuring results, even if you know how to).

It’s NOT your fault


Because unless you’re a website-designer… you’re not a website- designer.

And even if you ARE I’d wager you don’t know a lot about Direct Response Design (and if you are a website-designer, at this point you’ll have stopped reading and thrown this in the bin. More fool you).

See, the fact is very few website-designers know anything about effective website-design when it comes to getting results — sales and sign-ups for the most part. What they are adept at is designing great-looking websites in the same way graphic-designers are adept at designing great-looking ads.

The problem is…

Great looking doesn’t necessarily mean effective. I know, I know… website- and graphic-designers tell you they’ll “make you stand out from the crowd”, but while that’s necessary it’s not sufficient. More to the point, what they perceive as being “different” and “outstanding” are nothing of the sort — a different font, some aesthetic tweak discernible only to those In The Know is the limit of their abilities in this respect; and they have no clue about what’s really important: readability.

Because if your site can’t be easily read, it CANNOT be responded to.

And what affects readability? Everything: font, size of font, colour, images, layout, yadda, yadda, yadda. And the effects can be huge.

A member of the mastermind group I belong to changed just the font-size on his website and got a 700% increase in sales.

Another simply changed the format and layout of her print ad and got a 350% increase in response.

I can’t over-stress how vital correct Direct Response Design is for your sales. And I can’t over-stress how it’s almost certain your site has NOT been designed according to best Direct Response Design practices.

The Solution?

The answer begins with a Website Healthcheck, where I will create a printed in-depth report of how your website compares against best Direct Response Design practices, as well as a whole bunch of other more technical stuff I don’t want to get into here.

Don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t a magic pill… I can imagine the first thought going through your head is “yeah, right… sounds like automated rubbish…” and you’re reaching for the ‘x’ to close the tab. But stay with me for just a few seconds so I can explain why I can do what I do and how I do it (and none of it is automated).

So, first things first… what am I actually doing? Well, it’s a number of things… there’s all sorts of analysis on a technical level. Y’know, the boring code stuff that no-one wants to bother fixing… I’m not going to go into it too deep here but some of it is really important.

Why? Because of ‘load times’. This isn’t something to keep Google happy either; sure, I want to keep Google happy but you know who I care about a whole lot more than Google? Your Prospect. Your lead. Your customer.

And if the page takes too long to load, you’re potentially losing out on loads of conversions simply because people get bored (and they do get bored) and leave. So we’ve gotta look at things like that, and keep things as snappy as possible.

Secondly, the most important analysis is the structure of the content; is it readable? Is it intuitive? Is the one thing you want your reader to do obvious? If not, you need to re-focus and look at changing things up a bit.

Thirdly, how mobile friendly is it? Sure it might be responsive, but I’ve been saying for years that just because it’s responsive doesn’t make it mobile friendly. You’ll get graded on things like this, as I look at the site / page in a variety of different screen sizes.

Fourthly I will look at the ‘visual content’, i.e. I’m looking at where the eye is drawn to. We have some great software that will analyse the expected eye movements on the page, helping you to understand just why people might not be reading that important headline of yours.

There’s all this and more.

And unlike almost all the other web designers out there, I’m not going to be focused on helping you get a fancy, pretty looking website…. sure the websites we create are attractive, but I’m focused on one thing: results.

Don’t just take my word for it though…

“Having been recommended to me by a highly regarded “Inner Circle” business group which we belong to, it didn’t take long to take up an offer for a web site “health-check” from Digital-Magnet.

Quite amazingly, not only did the health-check get carried out on the very day we gave the instructions to go ahead but the report ended up on my desk the next day (with a useful book on how to attract clients fast, plus a free bar of chocolate!).

Quite honestly, I was expecting the report to appear a week or so later but even though it arrived so promptly, it was very well detailed and comprehensive – full of home truths, some of which I half expected but most of which I had no idea where we were falling short.

It just goes to show that “you don’t know, what you don’t know” so it made sense to sign up with someone who is a genuine expert in lead generation, where my learning curve on this subject rocketed as a result – just what I needed!”

Roger Smith – Director, Stirling Business Solutions Ltd

Ready to get your health check?

Remember, this isn’t automated. I hand make each one – and they normally take me a good hour or two. Depends on your website, I guess.

I will say one thing – before giving you the opportunity to get your healthcheck. This is 100% Completely and utterly Guaranteed.

If you in any way feel that the report is not enormously valuable to you, worth upwards of £10,000 – then simply tell me and I’ll give you a complete and full refund. No arguments, no quibbles, just your money back and that’s it.

So to get yours, simply click the button below and follow the instructions and I’ll get yours done and in the post (sent Special Delivery) within 7 days:

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